For a long distance you can make use of rail, barge or deep-sea. How do you ensure that these forms of transport are optimally suited to each other? Meet Alblas Intermodal!

Intermodal transport has great advantages:

  • You save on transport costs because they are always partly dependent on the leadtime.
  • You can carry larger volumes and heavier loads.
  • You can bypass tolls and have nothing to do with trafiic prohibitions, traffic jams and controls.
  • You can better anticipate peaks and troughs in demand. In addition, you can switch destination.


With our own ALL-BOX container your goods do not need to be crossdocked.

Alblas International Logistics uses its own ALL-BOX containers that fit both on trucks, trains and ships.

Our ALL-BOX containers are sturdy and made of steel. Your goods are then transported safely and without damage in the same container.

When temporary storage is needed, please use our storage facilities at the terminal.

Reduce CO2
Many companies implement sustainability paramount and expect that attitude from their logistics service provider. Intermodal transport is more durable than other forms of transport through the reduction of CO2 emissions per kilometer.

Alblas can tell you how much CO2 is reduced by choosing intermodal transport.