The Alblas Cloud

Follow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the status of your shipment? Alblas Cloud makes it possible. Thanks to this ingenious system you are always up to date about your orders.

With the Alblas Cloud, you can enter online orders.

This can be done manually, but if you can by our technicians also make a connection with your EDI system, allowing shipments as far as possible be imported automatically.

After import, you can print the required labels and CMR (waybill) and directly attached to the goods.


You can also real-time status of your shipment online with the Alblas Cloud: transparent and reliable.

When your shipment arrives at destination upload our employees directly POD (proof of delivery) up, so you can see which online.

This information is permanently available online and immediately wins your business to pro-activity.

Finally, in the Alblas Cloud you can also view your invoice and see your history.