International Transport

Looking for a borderless logistics service provider? Then Alblas International Logistics is your ideal partner. With a fleet of up to 150 trucks and 250 trailers we can manage any assignment.

Alblas International Logistics is the specialist when it comes to international transport to Germany and Eastern Europe. For over 25 years we run daily to destinations into the Benelux, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Of course we also drive to destinations within our own country and Benelux. Unique is our over-land transport line to China. Our own offices we have in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania and China.

Alblas makes almost exclusive use of its own equipment and work with regular drivers on fixed routes. So you are sure that your shipment arrives quickly and precisely on time at their destination.

Our drivers have the proper qualifications and certification and also trained by ourselves. In addition, our staff speaks the requires language in the country which they operate.

International transport takes time. Alblas will do everything to reduce the transport time to a minimum. Your goods will never stand still longer than necessary.

We know exactly where each truck is and our innovative ALBLAS Cloud, you can also track the status of your shipment accurately and in real time.

Do you have an urgent shipment? Forgot something to send? Again you can count on Alblas.

With our innovative Alblas Cloud, you can also track the status of your shipment accurately and in real time.

Personal touch
When it comes to international transport of your goods, you want the right answers and preferably by someone who knows your company and your products from start to finish.

Alblas understands that. Therefore, our hotline is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available. Your order manager knows exactly what is going on and is always there for you.