A Family Business

A transport company with 120 years of history. Meet four generations of growth and entrepreneurship.

According to Jan Alblas, director and owner of Alblas International Logistics is the atmosphere of a family business very different from a company that’s just about making sales and profits.

“Not only my brother and my wife and children work in this company: actually we consider all the employees together as one big family.

It is important that we know everyone by name, and that we look after each other. ”

One of the ways Alblas is working on a “family-company” is called internal Alblas-training drivers and other logistics employees must follow the company.

“You can have a great degree, but we are keen to explain how we do it here and how we interact. The demands and expectations are at Alblas therefore still a bit higher than in any other business’

Customers see that we are different …

“Customers see that we are different,” believes Jan “For us, the relationship with the customer comes first. No wonder we have many customers for decades which to do business with us.

We provide fast and professional, but also pay attention to the human aspect. The personal approach, so to speak. “

New generation
How does the future look like for the family business? Jan Alblas laughs: “For the time being Alblassen will remain in control. I am fortunate that my children followed a study in the direction of supply chain and logistics.

They like to work here. And that is not entirely self-evident: the year 2016 is the ‘must’ not for them, but a personal choice. “