Whether it are fresh goods, transportation of hazardous materials or "normal" palletized goods: Alblas delivers fast and reliable. Meet our main product categories.

fresh & fast

Fresh products have to be delivered fast and the quality is depending on a constant temperature. Therefore Alblas Fresh & Fast transports with temperature controlled trucks.

Flowers & Plants
Potatoes, Vegatables & Fruit
Tempeture controlled transport & storgae
Goods do not stop | Our drivers change on fixed locations
Fix loading with direct delivery
Packing management

Chemicals on the move

Working with chemicals always brings responsibility. Many substances are not only dangerous but also extremely expensive. Fortunately, the drivers of Alblas International Logistics are experienced and qualified.

Your and our safety central
All drivers are ADR trained & certified
Speak the required language in the country
Fixed people on fixed locations / regions
All trucks are equipped for ADR
Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 en 9
Temperature controlled ADR Transport

General goods anything you want to convey

Anything you want to convey, Alblas can arrange it for you. Our 120-year old family company has a fleet of 150 trucks and 210 trailers, which we can fulfill all your logistics needs.

Borderless mentality
Trailers and volume combinations of various sizes
We feel responsible for the whole transportation process