Fresh products have to be delivered fast and the quality is depending on a constant temperature. Therefore Alblas Fresh & Fast transports with temperature controlled trucks.

Our temperature controlled trucks can freeze, cool or heat. Also, the humidity is adjustable. As always your products arrive in perfect condition.

With a large fleet of exclusively own material Alblas can respond quickly to your transportation needs.

When it comes to fresh products such as flowers, plants, potatoes, vegetables and fruit speed is possibly even more important than usual.

Alblas understands that. Fortunately, we have the transport of fresh produce optimized into the smallest detail.

The transport of fresh products optimized into the smallest detail

Your goods will never stop by our driver change and if necessary, we ride night and day. You can also make use of our linehaul shuttles.

With a log in to our Alblas Cloud you can see the status of your goods accurately track and our hotline is available 24 hours a day.

Packing Management
After delivery of fresh goods on the shelves, containers and pallets remain empty.

Obviously Alblas ensures that these – often costly – transport containers quickly and undamaged again be returned to the place of departure.