Do you need a temporary (intermediate) storage for your goods? Alblas International Logistics has thousands of meters of warehousing at more than 17 locations across Europe. Your goods are safe with us and – if necessary – stored temperature controlled.

Whether it comes to the storage of standard temperature-controlled or dangerous goods: Alblas has space for your goods.

Thanks to our Warehouse Management System (WMS), we see the best place for your goods in no time.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) shows us in no time the best place for your goods.

The same system gives us insight into the exact location, quantity and duration of storage in all our warehouses.

Once the final destination is known, we can deliver your goods asap.

Value Added Logistics (VAL)
Do you need not only storage, but also a party that provides country specific information or a (new) package. Also then you can contact Alblas.

In all our warehouses value added logistics takes place. We make sure that your goods will be ready for the European market.

A special form of warehousing is cross docking. In this short-term storage terminals your goods are transferred from one truck to another.

This is important as a cargo to be distributed among trucks that run to various destinations.

In our cross-docking terminals, this process is done quickly and effecient. Our trucks come and go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while our cross docking employees cross the  products of one dock to t another.

So minimum time is lost your goods quickly to the place of destination.