Alblas International Logistics has an extensive fleet which we are very proud of! We would like to tell you more about our trucks and trailers.

To be able to be of service possible, we drive different types of vehicles. Whatever you carry, we have the right equipment for this.

Moreover, all owned by Alblas, so we can guarantee the reliability, robustness and safety of our equipment.

Altogether we have about 150 trucks and 250 trailers at our disposal.

That makes us one of the largest transportation companies in the Benelux. Plenty of space for your transport!

Motor vehicle / trailer combination

You have to transport cargo with a large volume? Then the towing vehicle / trailer combination the most suitable. In total, the combined load about 15 meters and we can transport about 115 m3 for you.


Our tautliners are spacious, practical and fast. Because the canvas to the back, the top and both sides can be slid, they are to load very easily with the truck.

Box trailers

Box trailers can take a beating! These trucks have a wide body with solid steel side walls. So we transport your belongings safe and damage.


Our thermo-conditioned trailers temerature controlled goods. Whether it are fresh products or chemical means: if the temperature or the pressure must remain within certain conditions, you can rely on our thermo trailers.

Silo trailers

A silo-semi-trailer is a semi-trailer which is intended for the transport of bulk or bulk goods, such as powders, sugar, flour or granules. It therefore concerns any substance or product that is “blown away” can be deposited by air or loose.

Equipment that meets your needs

Alblas constantly investing in new equipment. Often done in consultation with the customer. Because if you have special needs and we see a future together, then it is possible that a trailer specially designed for your needs and is built. Ask for the possibilities!

Gear to secure

Of course we also have all kinds of plates, locking devices and fuses to put your goods properly and carefully stuck in the trailers. If your belongings get damage at the place of destination!