Independent since 1896
A logistics service provider with 120 years of history. Meet four generations of growth and entrepreneurship.


Regular barge service

It was 1896 when Hendrik Alblas ‘s-Gravendeel creates a transport from’ s-Gravendeel to Rotterdam and back. Not with the truck, but with a barge ship. His “scheduled” connected from the ‘polder’ with the big city. Milk, cheese and other farm products came so quickly to the urban consumers, while manufactured goods could be brought back from the city to the Hoekschewaard.


First trucks

A gap in the market. Because the demand continues to grow rapidly and reliablytransport. Henry soon switched to road transport and purchased the first truck. Alblas now also runs on other domestic destinations.







2nd World War

Through steady investment Alblas been building his fleet before the Second World War to become one – especially for that time – considerably format.

In World War II continues the growth. Although some trucks are confiscated by the occupying forces, but even amid still new trucks are purchased in the war years.

Even amid the war years still new trucks are purchased.

After the war Alblas needs and societal merit a long time to keep trucks ready to be deployed by the military in emergencies and threats of war. Luckily it is not so far.


The Big NL Flood

During the flood Alblas was able to deploy happy trucks to evacuate people to safety.








First international transport

In the first years after the war Alblas is primarily a domestic carrier, but in 1960 the first Alblas trucks going across the border. Dutch silver onions, salsify and strawberries are transported by Alblas to Germany and Switzerland. Because the trucks are not conditioned yet, there should be ridden fast!








In the last decades of the century, the growth of the company increases fast. Foreign branches are set up and Alblas is one of the first transport drive on the largely communist Poland.








After the fall of the wall are the other Eastern European countries soon. Alblas submit a comprehensive network to the east and even start a unique on-land connection to China. In China, moreover, an office and two warehouses into operation.







Anno 2016


Anno 2016 Alblas is one of the leading logistics providers in the Benelux. A financially healthy company with an extensive fleet and offices in nine countries. Still Alblas is 100% owned by the Alblas family, where the fourth generation is control.